Thursday, 9 October 2008

Update- 'To Do'

As promised here are some photo's of the second commissioned order, this time it was for a coin purse and a large cosmetic pouch. This commissioned order was slightly different to others I've previously had as I was able to choose the fabric for the customer.

I decided to go for a nice girly pink for the coin purse and the fabric I used for the cosmetic pouch was a new addition to my fabric box that I hadn't used yet.

Inside I chose bright blue for the pouch to contrast with the orange zip, and grey for the purse as I think pink and grey are a lovely combination.

And of course they wouldn't be complete without my trade mark bagladee touch of sparkle now would they? ;)

This is a birthday gift for someone so I hope they are pleased when they rip open the paper! I am off to a wedding on Saturday so I'm hoping to get some sewing in tomorrow so I can relax and enjoy the day. I'm so excited about my outfit, not a colour I would normally choose but its soooo pretty and I have some really fab shoes to go with it. Now for a bag.................. :)


  1. Hope you have a fab time at the wedding. We're off to one today too, but I haven't had the luxury of a new outfit - after your description you must post pics of yours! :)

  2. Super graphics on these bags...simple bling is good as well.


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