Saturday, 25 October 2008

Promo Packs

Now that the house work is out of the way and the weather outside is not that great today I thought I'd get some craft jobs done. I've been putting some promo packs together to go into some promo totes that are being given out at a craft fair in London just before Christmas.

I've never done any promo packs before so I wasn't quite sure what to put in.....after a bit of thought I decided that in each little bag I would include one of my 'I ♥ Bagladee' badges, a moo card (which has my Etsy shop, website and blog details) a business card (which has direct contact info) and because I am such a fan of Haribo's a small bag of sweets.

I think they look quite sweet in their little organza pouches :)


  1. man i need to do this! in jan in jan in jan i will remember i will remember. :)

  2. oh! they do look very smart and professional! xx

  3. they look lovely, I may have to rethink mine!

  4. Wow these look so great!


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