Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hedge Hog Update

Just a very quick post to let you all know how the hedge hogs are getting on. I am very pleased to say that the female baby hedge hog who had fly strike was taken to the vets and treated successfully!!!! They were a little concerned about her yesterday as she was refusing to eat anything but after a little coaxing she's eating well.

I'm so pleased that helped get her to the vets in time :) and as for the male baby, well he's doing just great!! And the GREAT news is that as soon as they reach their target weight (whether that be before winter or Spring) they will be returning to our garden!! I cant wait, we are going to make the garden really secure before their return and fix the nest so that they will be safe.

Still no sign of Mrs. Hedge hog but the lady from the rescue place said she will be OK, just a little frightened to come back but said that there's every chance that she'll return to the nest. I've been out every night with the torch looking for her and leaving her some food, its disappearing but I cant be sure that cats aren't eating it?


  1. Oh hooray! That's fantastic news. Thanks for letting us know.x

  2. I'm so glad the baby hedgies are fine and dandy again xx

  3. This is GREAT news! I'm so happy to hear they're fine. :)


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