Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Frosty Mornings and Dark Nights.

How refreshing to see everything covered in frost this morning (apart from the bit where my fingers were numb from scraping the windscreen), it all looked so crisp and fresh. I probably wouldn't normally say that about Winter but because the weather has been so erratic this year its been hard to expect the normal seasonal weather.

Plus I think that in my mind I'm starting to think its nearly festive season YEY!!!

The only downside to this is the dark evenings, this means no photo opportunities for me during the week :( so I will have to keep the photography to the weekends.

I have been soooooo busy this week, outside of work I have managed to cut lots of pieces for bags, cosmetic pouches and purses. Not sure if you remember but I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I had a new project up my sleeve? Well I have also cut pieces for this and some other ***top secret*** projects, all will be revealed in due course :)

This too means that I can book some more time off for sewing!!!! ***big grin***

Sunday I spent most of the day tidying the garden and sorting out the hedge hog nest. I like to keep our garden really natural looking and bushy.....but some of the bushes were starting to get a little out of hand so it was time for a little trimming here and there. This also came in handy for re-building the nest. We used a thick piece of board to cover the hole the fox/animal made and then used the branches cut off an over grown bush to weave in and out of the ivy to disguise the board. Its not perfect but it looks pretty safe to me!!!

I'm starting to think that we wont see the baby hedgies until spring now that the cold weather is starting to creep in. Maybe it will be best for them to build up a really good weight and then come back. I want them to be as safe a possible.


  1. I hate cold weather,but love the holidays,i am already picking up Christmas gift.Super excited :0)

  2. i'm feeling it too today was so so COLD ;(

  3. yay for cold weather now you can stay warm. i love it.


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