Saturday, 11 October 2008

Here comes the bride V's meet the Skelly Bob!

What a lovely day today, we watched two of our friends tie the knot in a lovely country hotel. It was small and intimate but the place was full of character and very cosy. Typically English. After the ceremony we had drinks then it was into the dining room for the meal, the speeches were very entertaining with the odd gag thrown in here and there!

Since we got half way there and realised we'd forgotten the wedding present and had to go back for it, it was no surprise to me that when we got there I had forgotten the camera! DOH!!!

Not to worry though the photographer is a very good friend of Chris's so once we get a copy of the photo's I'll let you have a peek. Everyone was having a great time lots of great food and wine! Perfect.

And look what I managed to buy from the local supermarket!!!! Everyone I'd like you to meet Skelly Bob. I am such a child, I've been pestering Chris for weeks saying that I wanted to dress the house for Halloween this year. Last year I had cobwebs in the window and on the door outside and I placed a pumpkin, a rubber rat and some spiders on my door step. But I'd love to go all out this year.
This is the start, I'm going to get a little something this weekend and next to dress the house. Which also reminds me, I will be having a Halloween give away next keep those eyes peeled for that!! I'm off now as me and Skelly Bob are going to have a nice cup of tea :)

He almost looks like he's doing some sort of spooky dance?

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  1. crazy, i hate forgetting things drives me crazy. i do it all--- the time whhen i leave my room, i walk in circles alot lol


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