Monday, 6 October 2008

A very productive weekend....

To keep you updated on the 'To Do' list, I had managed as you can see from the previous post to finish 2 clutch bags and I also finished my 2 commissioned orders. Another 2 clutch bags, a cosmetic pouch and a coin purse.

Photo's of which I will show you tomorrow. Trying to keep the posts short and sweet so that I can get on with the rest of the things on my list. Don't worry I will be back to my jabbering old self once the list gets a bit smaller.

So tonight its:

Finish the clutch bag I started Sunday.
Package up the commissioned order to be posted tomorrow.
Package up Picciolo's give away prize to be posted tomorrow.
Print off invitations for Bagladee party to be held in November.

.....and then the boring bit.....

Finish my ironing before it turns into Mount Everest!!

See you all tomorrow for photo's galore ;)


  1. Eeew ironing. Would you believe that nobody ever taught me how to iron? Weird, I know. My husband knows how. I think his mom or one of his sisters must have taught him. So usually Christopher is the one that ends up doing it. Someday I'm going to have him sit me down for a lesson.

  2. have fun with the ironing! How exciting about my parcel!
    : )

  3. wow, you were a busy bee! Cannot wait to see the results.


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