Monday, 20 October 2008

Halloween WINNER!!!

Hi bloggers, I'm back to announce the winner of my Halloween Give Away.

I decided this time that I would use a random number generator. So (no technical method here) I printed off all the names and mixed them up in the felt bucket and whilst drawing them out one by one I wrote a number on the back. I then went to a random number generator site
and the winning number is:
which is:

Alexandra who wins these little goodies!!

The name of Alexandra's party would be 'Hell's home from home'......Congratulations Alexandra and once again thank you to all of you that entered.

Things on the 'sew fest' kind of got way laid due to the hedge hog crisis so I'm a little behind in the 'To Do's' but hoping to catch up this week.

Hedgehog update: Will be calling the rescue place tomorrow to find out how the babies are doing, and unfortunately I haven't seen Mrs. Hedgehog since Friday. I'm hoping that she has found somewhere safe to hide. I will still put food out for her in the hope that she returns to our garden.


  1. Wooh hoo! I am so happy to be the winner. thank you.

  2. congratulations to Alexandra! I hope the mummy hedgehog is ok
    : )

  3. Congratulations to your winner - and can't wait to hear how the babies are doing.

    (Bit worried about Mum Hedgehog though :-( )


  4. Thank you - the lovely prize arrived today. My little girl is unwell and it cheered her up.


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