Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I give in!!

OK that's it I give in, I went into work and first on my agenda for the day......write out a holiday request!! Its only for 2 days, but oh what joyful bliss to spend 2 days catching up on some well needed sleep then sewing until my little fingers cant sew no more! :)))
So that's Thursday and Friday next week all mine, a long weekend for me to do whatever I please.



  1. yay! I did this a few weeks ago, and my productivity and energy level are still up from that! It was definitely time well-spent! Have fun!

  2. sounds like a plan to me lol!!! Enjoy!

  3. oh! good for you! I'd kill to have 2 days off to myself to start getting through my 'to-do' list! :)

  4. oh, sounds good to me! I am trying to work out if I have enough to have a day off in half term, I hope you enjoy yours!
    : )

  5. Received my bags today they are fan dab a dozy, taking them on my hols, thank you enjoy your long weekend well deserved.


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