Thursday, 18 December 2008

All packed and ready....

When is it going to snow? That's what I want to know!! If there was any year it was likely to at Christmas surely this year would be it??? There certainly is never enough to build this many kinda looks like a snowman army :)

Anyway since I've managed to sit still for 5 minutes and grab a cuppa and a sandwich thought I'd give you all an update. I'm off to set up my stand for the Christmas Market this weekend tonight, so everything is carefully packed up and ready to go. I've already figured out the layout (which was done last night on the living room floor ;) and was still there this morning) and hopefully I have enough stock for the 3 days......if not then we can call it a roaring success?

The tree is up and decorated the Christmas cards are almost all written, most of my Christmas shopping is done (apart from the food side which secretly inside I'm freaking out about!!!) I still have 2 things to make and I'm cutting it very fine!!! A Bob the Builder kids tool belt for a friend at work and a present for my lovely fella, I'm hoping that I wont still be sewing on Christmas Eve but somehow I get the feeling that this will be the case :o/ Oh yes and I haven't wrapped a thing yet!! I like to save that until Christmas Eve, with Frank Sinatra singing carols in the background and a lovely glass of sweet sherry by my side!!! Ahhhhhhh cant wait.

Hope you're all ready and waiting for Santa :)


  1. Wished \i could be there with you, but we've got New Year to Look forward too Good Luck for The Christmas Fair, hope you do well. xx

  2. Good luck for the Christmas market - I hope you sell out! Thanks for the card too, that was really sweet. Merry Christmas!

  3. I save all my wrapping to the end too!
    : )


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