Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!

This will be my last post until after at least boxing day. I'm just about there, I managed to get the 'food' shopping done on Monday but I have to add that it was 11:05pm walking around Tesco and would you believe it, the shop was jam packed!!! We though it would be quite quiet, but no it was busier than a normal shopping day! Maybe we all had the same thought?

Any whooo, thats all taken care of there's plenty of beer, wine and spirits to take care of the festivities and I have bought all the gifts I needed. Apart from one thing, I am making Chris a gift and the time is slipping away from me. I am hoping he will need to go off later on this afternoon and do some jobs to leave me free to get sewing without him seeing it.

I am typing this from my desk at work as unfortunately I have to work til 12:30 today. Hoping to get away a little earlier though :) I still have the 'big clean' to do.

OK, I want to end this post on a high note so I just want to say, 'Have a lovely Christmas with the ones you love, eat plenty, drink in excess, be merry, give hugs, smile lots, laugh 'til your belly aches, dont forget your pets, and take all the little moments in'.

Thank you to all of my bloggy friends for being such great support this year, I'm so pleased I found you all.....looking forward to another great year in 2009.



  1. Happy Christmas Emma, hope you have a great one.

    Cheers, Ruthie x

  2. Merry Christmas Emma xxx Love the cats see you soon xxxxxxx


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