Monday, 15 December 2008

Christmas Winners :)

I would like to start by saying a big thank you for all who entered my Christmas Give Away, there we so many comments. I spent ages reading them and then visiting each blog to have a read (and added new ones to my reading list). An extra special thank you to those who blogged about it and Twittered it (if that's the right expression). I wish I could give you all a prize.

Right lets get to it! I didn't have my felt bucket to hand this time as its jam packed with things on my work desk. So I thought I'd use a bowl (Oh how original ;) ha ha) and then it occurred to me I was on my own so I had no Chris to pick out the winners!!!

This was not a problem as you can see below I had a helping paw!! Ridiculous I know but Nell thought the bits of card were great to play with and managed to scoop them right out of the bowl one by one so here are the first 4 she picked. (What is that majestic look on her face? I think she looks like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon, Bless).

The first winner is:
Clair P
Clair you win prize one.

Prize 2 goes to:

Prize 3 goes to:

And finally Prize 4 goes to:

Congratulations to the winners, please can you email me your addresses as soon as possible so I can try and get your prize to you before Christmas.

OK have to shoot away now, must call my Mam and finish 2 bags.......Friday is creeping up already and I'm selling stock before I even get there. I'm a total stress head at the mo!!!


  1. thanks again Emma ~(and Nell)! Prize two looks wonderful, how lucky am I! Congratulations to the other winners too
    : )

  2. yay! thanks emma!
    Nell is a very clever kitty!

  3. Thank you Emma! What a wonderful giveaway! I'm looking forward to the goodies I won! Yay!


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