Sunday, 28 December 2008

Can we fix it?.........Yes we can!!

Now that there is a certain 'happy' little boy out there with his new bob the builder tool belt, I can show you some photo's.

A friend at work had searched high and low for a good 'Bob' tool belt and couldn't find one anywhere.......I had even searched on Etsy but no 'Bob's' to be found and we were running out of time to get one delivered from overseas in time for Santa to wrap and deliver.

I had never attempted a tool belt before but thought, well it cant be that hard to do??? So off I went a hunting for some bob wasn't too difficult and ended up with this lovely sunshine yellow fabric with Bob and Pilchard the cat printed on it with rows and rows of hammers, saws and nails :)

Look!! It even has a loop to hang a hammer!! I was a little worried about dimensions as I made the pattern from scratch myself and not too sure about how small/big a 3 year old boy is? Anywhooo my friend was thrilled when she saw it and is going to send me some photos of him wearing it with his 'Bob' outfit she bought him.


  1. Absolutely great-nephew would love it; he is a huge "Bob" fan.


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