Thursday, 4 December 2008

Taking off my blogger hat...

I have to hold my hands up and say OK Emma, time out!! I have so much to get done in the next 3 days its getting scary, my To Do list is still as long as my arm and I'm having serious printer issues at the moment. Not good as I have lots to print, including my bagladee tags to go in the lining of my bags. And how annoying that I feel like my day job is getting in the way....especially after last week :(

I need to focus, focus, focus!! I have broken the list down into 3 parts, one part for each day from now until Sunday. Which means that something has got to give. Even though its hard to bring myself to say it as I love reading through all my blogs that I follow, posting comments and writing my own posts....

(Hand over my heart) I, Emma-Bagladee, pledge that I will not post, read or leave comments for the next 3 days. In the hopes of getting jobs finished so that I can actually enjoy the run up to Christmas rather than stressing about what I have and haven't done.

I will check my emails (obviously) for orders....... I will miss you all dearly ;) but don't worry I WILL BE BACK!!! Oh yes I will, on Sunday with lots of news so don't forget to pop by and hug me and my blog.

Have a fab weekend :) xx
p.s. we are putting our tree up at the weekend, cant wait!!!


  1. Hope you manage to get everything done & Look forward to seeing you back here next week! ((hugs)) Rachel :)

  2. good luck! We are hoping to put our tree up too
    : )

  3. To-do lists have a really weird way of multiplying. I know exactly how you feel! I just want to say good luck and I look forward to reading your update. :)

  4. I hear you my friend! I think that if I don't sleep for a couple of nights maybe I'll get caught up with my Christmas preparations! Hugs Jeanette


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