Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Craft Market Day 1

Got up really early this morning, got dressed, made myself a packed lunch, got the rest of my 'bits and bobs' together and it was off to the craft market. Setting up didn't take long as I had already planned every detail out.....with the addition of some red fairy lights which I thought made it look quite Christmassy!

Once I was all set up and settled in I grabbed myself a coffee and biscuit and sat waiting, not really knowing what to expect. Because of the 'Credit Crunch' I expected things to be pretty bleak selling wise but the city was a hive of hustle and bustle, shoppers scurrying here and there trying to get their Christmas shopping done.

So, first day went OK, not fantastic. Hoping that since its Saturday tomorrow it will be busier....added bonus of today: I got to meet lots of new Crafty Friends, one that I'm dying to do a trade with. She likes one of my bags and I like one of her dresses......soooooooooo looks like I'm getting a new dress :)

I have taken some photo's but I'm exhausted, so I will try and post them tomorrow. The room we are in is so lovely.

Goodnight x

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