Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Craft Market Day 3

Day 3 and its all over, today was a good day but I think the best was Saturday. I have really enjoyed myself this weekend. I just wish that I had booked up to do more weekends. I've met some lovely people, David and Louise who were my neighbours to the right of my stall were just the best craft neighbours to wish for they were so friendly and make the most gorgeous ceramic pieces. There's a link there on their names....go check out their website!! Louise gave me some beatiful ceramic buttons to play with for my bags, I will post photos soon, you will be sooooooo envious!!!! ;)

The room the market was in was so lovely, it was all high ceilings with beams, bare brick and white wash walls and a beautiful view of the city as we were on the top floor of the building. There were about 15 stalls of all different crafts, a few familiar faces and lots of cups of tea/coffee and mince pies!! :)
I am tired but good tired....the weekend was a success and as I didn't have any expectations after covering the cost of the stall everything else was a bonus.
Oh well, off to write a list of things I need to do and get tomorrow......mad panic now to get everything organised :o/

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