Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day....

Just another quick post to see if you all had a jolly old Christmas and that Santa was good to you all?

We had a quiet one which was just me and Chris and the two kitties, very lovely. We opened our presents whilst listening to Christmas songs and then spent ages watching Nell playing with all the wrapping paper and gift string. We prepared dinner together as I was full of flu and then sat down to enjoy it. Although I have to say for me all of it tasted the same, but Chris seemed to enjoy it so it wasn't so bad :) After dinner we went and spent the evening with the in laws which was lovely too. Spoilt rotten again and plenty of turkey sandwiches ;)

Once we returned home, I followed tradition and fell asleep on the sofa until I was nudged and told to go to bed. I took it easy today, trying to get myself fit and well for the new year. We're off to my parents for New Year, really looking forward to it.

I really wish I could just stop sniffing and blowing my nose :(

Enjoy the rest of the festivities and no doubt I will be back blogging soon :) bye for now.

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