Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Give Away

Here I am as promised :) with my last Give Away of the year. Throughout the year I have collected various craft supplies (think I may be slightly addicted) and I thought that I could have a give away with all the things I have collected but not used. It seems such a shame for them not be transformed into something wonderful. So with a few extras I bought this week here they are, there are 4 prizes in all.
Prize 1
Prize 2
Prize 3
Prize 4

All you have to do to enter is to tell me 'what is your favourite part of Christmas' and then tell one person about the give away, post your comment and the persons name you've passed it on to and I will pick a Winner on Sunday 14th December. This is so that I can get them posted out to you as quick as possible.

Good luck!!


  1. Wow so much stuff. Just looking at it makes me want to make something. I blogged about it here.
    and I told my friend Bree

  2. My favorite part of the holidays is spending that time with my family. The girls and I bake a lot of our gifts, we shop for ones less fortunate, and we spend time just enjoying the holidays!
    I told my friend Renee about this.

  3. My favorite part of Christmas is going to the midnight mass with my family--our church has some lovely musicians--violin, cello, trumpet--that come for that mass and it is so beautiful.

    I'm going to Twitter this giveaway so lots of people will hear!

    Thanks, the prizes look great!
    Smiles, Karen

    convo me at Etsy :

  4. Oh, what a fantastic blog give-a-way and a perfect time of the year for giving!! My favorite part of Christmas is our Christmas Eve candlelight service and children's play - just very magical! Christmas eve is magical all day long! Nothing sweeter than seeing our Lizzie so excited this time of the year!!

  5. My favorite part of Christmas is the very minute all the decorating, shopping, hustle and bustle is done and you sit with no lights on except for the tree, relaxing to soft Christmas music in the background. Ahhh! :D Happy Holidays!
    (I'll be sure to twitter about this contest)

  6. Very awesome!!! I am going to tell the yahoo group that I am a moderator of (that is like 800 people *smiles*) & I will blog about it (that is sadly like 20 people probably *pouts*).

    Here's my blog:

    You can convo me in my etsy shop:

  7. My favourite part of Christmas is the moment we sit down to open the pressies :-) Ever since the children were tiny we've opened with a video playing of Disney singalong Christmas songs - the youngest is 21 now but we'll still be singing along!
    I've told my friend

  8. My favourite thing is boxing day when I am back home it is a BIG family affair with lots of drinking, eating and silliness. In Japan I love going into Tokyo, going to the English pub for lunch then to the big kids play centre and finishing off with a tour of the lights.

    I have told 200 odd people, OK, not directly, I posted on my blog ;o)

  9. My favorite part of Christmas is crafting Christmas crafts with kids and seeing the kids faces light up when they open gifts. Oh and driving around looking at decorated houses. :) I told my newly Internet Savvy Mom about this.

  10. My favorite part is the Christmas programs that the little ones do. Especially when my own kids are involved. The last 2 years, my oldest daughter wrote the plays for them to perform. Now that is special.

    I posted the giveaway on my blog.

  11. you are so generous! I'm not going to enter as I have already won one of your wonderful giveaways, but my favourite part of christmas is seeing my daughters excited little face on christmas morning. (Love your little festive pouches!)

  12. My favourite part of Christmas is setting up the tree with my husband and son. I'll tell my sister in law, she works with children so she will surely be interested in crafty stuff.

  13. My favorite part is how excited my 4 year old is about everything to do with Christmas. I am going to blog about this giveaway. Thanks so much.

  14. My favorite part of the holidays is the tree. After a long, stressful day, just sitting in front of the tree with its lights aglow calms me and makes me feel happy.
    I told my friend Deana about this lovely giveaway.

  15. i just love craft supply and i like you blog site to

  16. Ooh, what a fun giveaway. (I found you from jojoebi's blog.) My favorite part of Christmas is sharing the excitement with my little guy - teaching him songs and the Christmas story and decorating the tree with him.

    I shared this on my blog:

  17. My favorite thing about Christmas is family togetherness and homemade goodies. It is the one time of year that everyone puts asides their differences, forgets the problems going on, and enjoys each others company. We host a family brunch where I cook up fritatta, french toast, muffins, and all sorts of homemade goodies (my other favorite thing!).

    I found you on jojoebi's site (she wasn't kidding about sharing with her readers!). I'm putting this giveaway on my blog, but I don't have even a quarter of the readers that jojoebi has! Hopefully, one sees it; it is such a wonderful giveaway!

  18. spending time with my family. I told my friend Tripti about it.

  19. Spending time thinking about God's amazing gift, Jesus.

    I shared the giveaway on my blog. I heard about it from Jojoebi :)

  20. Ah I can't believe all these giveaways. Finally someone from the UK like me :) My favourite part of Christmas is all the lights, decoration and singing carols at school with the children. I love to see their eye's light up and all the excitement. I told my mum about this and I'll also post it on my blog once I've arrived at my holiday destination!

  21. What I love about Christmas is the Christmas eve feast with family and friends gathered all around! Just told my friend suzanne about your giveaway!

  22. beautiful things!

    my favorite part of christmas is seeing the reactions of my friends and family to the presents i gave them. i love surprising them!

    also, i know this sounds crazy, but i really loved the stressed out, oh-my-goodness-i'm-never-going-to-get-this finished-feeling on christmas eve. i'm nuts!

    veronika, sweet tooth vintage

  23. oh no, am i too late....? Does it count if I tell my husband? he's sat next to me on his computer(!)

    I'm hoping to not be too ill over christmas so I can enjoy it between naps :)


  24. You always have the most thoughtful giveaways!

    My favourite part of Christmas is the stockings being dragged across the landing by my children first thing christmas morning.

    I've told my friend Emily about your giveaway and I'm sure she'll pop onto your blog too xx


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