Monday, 1 December 2008

Up's, down's.....too's and fro's

Hi **wave**, I'm back from my trip up north :) I say that like its miles away....well 160 is enough. I had a lovely weekend but it always goes over so quick and before you know it I'm packing up to take the journey back down the A1/M1 home.

News first: Friday started with a phone call from work (only because I had the day off and they were announcing the redundancies) to say that "thankfully" I was not one of the ones selected and I was no longer classed as 'being at risk' which was a relief but also sad as we lost a member of our team. Things at work today have felt a little deflated but hopefully once the dust settles things will be back to normal.

I also received a little package in the post which made me smile :D I decided I was going to treat myself at the beginning of last week as things weren't very pleasant (retail therapy always works for me)........and I'm still picking it up admiring it.

Gorgeously packaged from Picciolo who has a shop on etsy, with fantastic business cards and stickers.
A 'home for my pins' and she also kindly included this free card which features her fabric art work.

I love the colours and on the bottom is a gorgeous bird pattern fabric, so well made and not only is it very practical to store my pins but its beautiful to look at too. Picciolo also has a fab blog, if you haven't already met her then why not go and take a look click here.
OK back to the weekend....Friday and it was my bag party and it went really well. I sold a few bags some pouches a purse and a brooch. So not a bad start. Saturday was spent visiting a local fabric supplier where I stocked up on some plain coloured cottons and sewing essentials. Saturday evening spent relaxing with my family and then after some lunch on Sunday it was back to travelling home. A bit of a whirlwind but it was nice to visit home and I did catch up with some friends (Hi Kel) which I don't do very often :( although I do try.

We've decided that we are spending New Year up at my parents so I'm now left with the daunting task of finding somewhere that we can book for a meal, which already is proving quite difficult :o/

I have some more photos to share with you (of the bag party and new project) but I'll be back with those tomorrow, off to finish some house work then sewing.


  1. What good news about your job, you must be so relieved. Glad the bag party went well. :)

  2. Love the pin cushion! AND, wonderful packaging.
    I'm going to check out her shop!


  3. I like the twinkly new background to your blog!

    Glad you had good news on the job front.

    I love Piccolo's stuff - have you seen her sister's stuff too? Paper & String: go check it out.


  4. Oh yes I am an avid fan of both :D

  5. oooh that pin cushion is AMAZING

  6. the pincushion is adorable.

  7. hi, thanks for the kind mention and photos!!

    I'm so glad you had good news at work, and that your sale went well, too


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