Sunday, 14 December 2008

Stop I want to get off :(

At what point do you think, 'OK I have more than enough stock for a 3 day Christmas Market?' I have gone through the 'surely I cant possibly sell all that in 3 days' to Oh 'God what if I don't have enough!!'

I'm exhausted!!! I had 2 days off work and I feel like I've worked a week in those 2 days. Sorry to have a whine.....and I shouldn't really, things have been really busy for Bagladee. Internet sales, Etsy sales, sales from the party I held.......I just need a rest!

I have decided I have 2 bags to finish and 2 brush rolls and then I am going to stop. Otherwise Christmas is going to be here and I wont have had a chance to enjoy the run up to Christmas.

OK rant over, now I know I'm being ridiculous and over tired!! Because I've just sold something else through my website and that sure has put a smile on that frowning forehead of mine ;)

Lets finish this post on a happy note: You still have until midnight tonight (yes I will still be up then!!) to enter my give away click here to enter.

And don't forget any last minute Christmas shopping go take a look at & I will priority ship any item ordered this week for the normal postage/shipping cost.

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  1. Im feeling the same as you! Great to have sales of course, but Christmas is going to be here and gone before I know it! Past 2 days have been crazy!
    Hey wanted to ask you about your you recommend it? Are there lots of funky template designs?
    Any help would be fab!


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