Monday, 1 June 2009

Another day in Paradise....well almost

The day started like this.....

"I'm sure I just saw it move!!"

We then had some Sugar Puffs, all three of us :D

And spent the day in the garden, in the lovely sunshine. We have quite an 'Au natural' garden, can you spot the kitty hiding in the shade?

And then when it got too hot we made a kitty tent when in the need to cool off.

And then the day ended like this........

I love being able to take photos in the natural light, the colours are so crisp, and no need for photoshop.

My fav is the grey and pink one at the back.....still need to add tags, diamantes and press studs. There were other tasks completed but I will save them for another day, didn't want to overload you with photos :)
P.S. I now know what my dream job is....crafting from home (well yeah I already knew that but today just proved it.


  1. They are positively adorable!
    I think I might like the brown one the best.

  2. I love the purses, sadly I could never use a purse that small, I have too much junk in my purse, not to mention my bag! Eeek.

  3. pretty felt purses emma! and very cute kitties! :)

  4. ohhh crafting in the garden!! lucky you!


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