Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dear Bag Thief,

.....I'm writing this letter to you as there is no other way to portray my disgust or vent my anger about the fact that you think that it is acceptable to take other peoples possessions.

I, like many other people gladly send many letters and parcels through the Royal Mail entrusting their items to the people who actually get paid as their job to transport them to their destination safely. On this occasion I spent many hours designing and making a special bag for a celebrity in the hope that not only would she like the bag I sent her but also that an unknown bag designer would get a little recognition for her work......but nooooooo you made sure by taking my 'signed for' parcel out of the mail system and thinking that you could keep it for yourself.

I'm sure you were thinking, 'These famous people get things sent to them all the time in the post, they'll not miss this' not even sparing a thought for the person who spent all their time and effort creating a nice gift for someone. Since you also know, my return address, my blog address, my website address and etsy address......does this make you feel bad that I am not a big company with lots of money that can afford to give away lots of bags I am in fact just me, someone who works hard for a living for every single 'nice' thing in her life.....not a faceless crime now is it!?!!?

I really do hope that you have had the audacity to have actually read the letter than I included and got to know me to find out what a selfish act you have carried out. And maybe even decided that you would look up my blog or website and that you are reading this now.

You obviously think that you are a law unto yourself, have no respect for others or their possessions, and have no conscience. If some how you do find one and would like to return MY bag to me.....then you know how to. (Although I very doubt this will happen).

Please bare in mind that you have a bag that I have only made one of so it will be easy to spot, so hopefully you wont get away with it!!! I on the other hand am claiming for the loss with the Post Office as you are one of their employees, it is by no means compensation as the bag cant be replaced with cash but its the least I can do for myself.

I really do hope that you get found out to be the thief that you really are.

No Regards
Emma (a.k.a bagladee)

To my readers apologies for my written rant but after receiving the email that I was dreading today that the bag I had posted to Cheryl did not reach her as it was stolen during transit or 'lost in the post' as the Post Office like to call it, I was upset and angry. I have to live with it now.


  1. Oh Emma, you rant away xx
    You must feel VERY frustrated. Apart from the individual's morals and conscience there is no fear of consequences for their staff not to take something out of the system, Royal Mail don't take it seriously at all...'here's a claim form go away??!!'
    Not wanting to sound dramatic but have you thought of writing to a newspaper letter page?? I read a letter recently similar thing happened but with store gift vouchers that were redeemed 19 hours after the lady had posted - clearly stolen....maybe if a lot of cases are highlighted then RM may sit up??

  2. Hi Emma sorry to hear about this theft. There seems to be a lot of people who think it is ok to take what they want. I agree with claire maybe a letter to your local newspaper will make the Royal Mail take these 'lost in transit' events a bit more seriously. Now you've ranted try not to let it get you down there are still a lot of nice people in the world the nasties are a minority but they cause the most trouble. luv Janxxx

  3. I hope you have claimed some hefty compensation for that!! I know this sort of thing does happen in the Postal service, and it doesn't seem like there is any other explanation for something which is supposed to be 'recorded'! I'm sure there's someone in my postal service pilfering the sewing magazines I have subscribed to and never received. A horrid horrid thought I know. x

  4. OMG that is so awful.

    I hope it turns up somewhere. RM cannot expect you just to get on with a claim....it is not fair at all.

    Yes, maybe try generating some publicity from this perhaps and turn the unfortunate incident to your advantage....somehow?


  5. Oh Emma, I am so sorry!
    Wish I had long enough arms to reach you for a big hug.
    People can be so mean and selfish etc (wil stop there as I will rant too)!

  6. oh Emma, that's dreadful. I really hope the right person reads your post.

  7. ohh dear, thats terrible. i hope the person uses the bag and then by some strange series of events ends up tripping over the bag an falling over and hurting themselves some how....or failing that...that they read your post and suffer a very very very strong sense of shame and guilt and send it back!

  8. Emma, I'm so sorry someone stole a bag you made. Vent away!

  9. It is quite likely that if you put your website, details on a return label on the back that someone has worked out what you do. My sister lives in Birmingham and every November her husband's birthday cards never arrived, including the ones I sent with vouchers etc in them. Then they moved house and since then ALL of his cards have arrived on time! I would stress to all online sellers to be very prudent on how you package your items, what info you may put on the front/back etc. Promote your items/business inside the package, not on the outside. If you post items regularly with distinctive packaging someone may have noticed. Just a thought as someone had clearly targeted my sisters house as other items did go missing but my poor Brother in law did miss out the most. I am really sorry for your experience here as this was meant to have been an exciting post in a horrid outcome.


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