Thursday, 4 June 2009


Don't you just hate it that in that split second of time where you think s*** I totally forgot about that!!!!! I have about a nano second where I go through about 10 different emotions all at once....the main one being annoyed that I'd let myself forget!!

Monday - great being off and enjoying the glorious sunshine, relaxing, sewing , relaxing.....then BAM!! Tuesday back to reality, a horrendous day at the desk job and then realising I have a few jobs to do........

Wednesday - feeling pretty stressed and then realising after reading a blog post (yes where did I think that I had time to leisurely read through blogs!?!? La la land that's where) that I had completely forgotten that the whole of May had by passed me and that my secret Monkey Swap parcel has to be sent on Monday :( yes very cross at myself indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK bagladee you've done more in less time lets get a plan together. ****sipping a peppermint tea trying to get my world back in balance****

Last night I spent all the evening cutting little squares of ladies and gents I don't make anything easy for myself!!! Oooooohhh Nooooo. I plan to sew them together tonight and construct my swap gift over the weekend...getting it all wrapped up and ready to go Sunday evening.

Got that??? Right get that tea drunk Mrs and get on with it!!!!


  1. LOL! I had that very same thought yesterday!!! :)

  2. I recongnise that emotion! I am sure you will creat something wonderful.

  3. i hate that feeling...i ind of get all shaky afterwards...and my hands get sweaty!!gross

  4. oh no! good luck getting it done!
    : )

  5. I basically spend my life doing something similar to this - lurching from one rushed crisis to the next! At least you realised now and not in a few days! Good luck xx

  6. Lucky you! I usually remember the day AFTER.
    LOL! Good luck!

  7. You have been busy..I have far too many of the Altzheimer moments to count...


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