Sunday, 21 June 2009

Race for Life 2009

We made our way to the race not long after lunch time and there were lots of people already there, after we had dropped off the bags of clothes at the donation station we went and wrote a little something on the wall of thoughts (huge tarpaulin walls which you could write messages on with a marker pen).

More people gathered and we did a warm up and then watched a short film about Cancer and some of the people who have suffered.

Looking quite composed before the race ;)

This is my good friend Andrea who has raced with me for the last 3 years.

Making our way over to the runners starting place (blue flag)

Waiting to go through the start

Managed to grab a quick photo of all the runners running through the start.....there were quite a few!!!

And here we are with our little goodie bags at the end!! Phew!! Oh and of course our medals. Andrea is eating one of the yummy granola bars that were in our bags :)

Couldn't resist taking this one....there were lots racing in pink tutu's and fluffy cow boy hats :)

Well done everyone that took part you were all amazing!!!!


  1. Well done, its a great cause and it is amazing how many ladies take part think it is because it is achievable xx

  2. well done! im glad it went well!

  3. Well done to you and everyone who took part. I am doing a charity mini (car) run on Sunday for the same cause.

    I am really pleased you reached your fundraising target.

    Ruthie x

  4. Congratulations! Hope you enjoyed supporting such a great cause. Well done :-)


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