Tuesday, 30 June 2009

But I want to buy it now!

***having a childish tantrum***

On one side of the sewing room studio I'm going to have a little table in one of the corners with a table lamp and a chair, I've seen this one in Ikea which I love.

I'm also looking for a chair for my desk, I really love this one but I also like this one which is the same as the cream one in our office.

And to go beside the little table and lamp I would really like this lounger/rocker, it looks lovely and comfy for sitting doing bit hand sewing. :)

Only one problem, I can only go and buy them once the room is finished (ridiculous I know, you'd think I'd be able to wait!?!?!) but I want to now!! :( The foot is firmly put down though......not til the room is finished!!


  1. what great pieces of furniture, I especially love the rocker!
    : )

  2. Never could wait could you haha xx

  3. I wish I have an Ikea store near home... I only can buy small things in Ikea of Madrid things I can carry on the plane! I love all that chairs!


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