Sunday, 7 June 2009

Monkey Business

I have no idea how I did it but I did, its finished! Since its a secret monkey swap there's no reason why I cant show you it all. Don't worry I'll keep the recipient under wraps.....

I wonder whats inside the money bag???

Hello!! Who's this??

Its a monkey in a bag!!

And he's all ready with his satchel to go off on his travels

With a little wonky bagladee tag on his butt!

Well I couldn't resist giving him a bag.........wouldn't be a bagladee creation without one.

Stuffed enough so that he can sit up

And I'm also including this cute monkey book and pen set.
I almost don't want to let him go :( I was quite surprised how well he turned out. I'd heard on a blog that you could use split peas as a filling similar to bean bags so with this in the bottom of his hands, feet and butt he sits perfectly on a desk or shelf. I do hope that my swapee likes him.


  1. He's just soooo Lush well done xx

  2. Emma, he's fabulous! I couldn't imagine what you were going to do with the little patchworks, but he has turned out brilliantly!

  3. This brought a smile to my face!! I love the label on his bum!!

  4. He is so cute and I love his little bag.

  5. wow! those monkeys are so cute! Love the bag too. Nice blog!

  6. oh he is amazing! I love the patchwork idea too, he is truely unique. And the bag is lovely too, your swap partner is very lucky!
    : )

  7. who couldn't love that Monkey??
    He's amazing...i'll email you later (I've got some *almost* exciting news!!) oohhh what a teaser!!
    ps, I hope monkey has a banana in his bag for his journey???

  8. your so clever! hes awesome! i use rice in the bums, legs and arms of the monsters i make...and im looking at using play sand to.

  9. oh as I could expected your monkey is FAB!!!!
    I am so happy having the bag from you!
    You're good dear Emma :)
    love ag xxxxx


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