Thursday, 11 June 2009

Monkey goodness

Thank you to you all that left such thoughtful comments on my last post. Even though every now and then I come across some hideous people in life its always wiped from my mind the second I step into blog land and meet with my lovely blog friends. The world is almost set to rights when I come here and write posts and add pictures. I think that people who are creative possess a special trait in their personality that is giving, considerate and selfless....well the people I have met through here are :) you lovely people you!!

Speaking of lovely bloggers, look what came through the post yesterday to cheer me up!!!! My monkey swap parcel and I couldn't believe my luck when I saw that it was from the lovely Claire. If you haven't met Claire then pop over to her blog and take a peek in her shop too as you can see she makes some gorgeous felty creations.

Isn't she pretty!!!! Claire was the one who organised the swap back in early May and I couldn't wait to rip the paper off to see what it was. Inside the parcel was of course this gorgeous monkey (which I still haven't named......I think it should be something cute and girly), a bag of strawberry haribos (which I am munching on now) a very cute card from paperchase which has these fun lolly pops on the front with a lovely message from Claire inside and last but at no means least there was this fab monkey wrist pin cushion!!!

I've just read that post back to make sure there weren't any mistakes and realised how many times I've said the word 'lovely'!! Ha ha.....well I cant help it I just loved my monkey gifts so much :)
Right I best go and hide these stawb sweets somewhere or else I'm going to spoil my dinner :) I'll be back tomorrow with some news!


  1. oh how cute is that monkey!
    I am so sorry hearing about the theft!
    I just can't understand how people can make such things! that's disgusting!
    take care
    love ag

  2. hehehe shes cute...i like her dress

  3. that IS a lovely monkey, such a cutie...Claire sure is a clever thing :-) xxx

  4. What a cutie! I'm eagerly awaiting my monkey too, should be any day now. And I'm sorry to hear about Cheryl's bag...

    I've been reading your blog for a while but I don't think I've ever gotten around to commenting which I apologise for - now that I've started my own blog I realise how important comments are!

    I'm delurking now to tag you for 6 unimportant things you love:

    I know you're a busy gal, but have a go if you have time, I'd love to hear what you come up with.

  5. Hi Emma, I got my monkey parcel too - oh wow, I love him!!! The chocs got munched up right away by my daughter, but Malcom (do you like his name?) is MINE!!!

    Thank you so much,

    Katy x

  6. That is one gorgeous monkey you have recieved in place of the gorgeous one which you sent. Too much Monkey fun. Enjoy

  7. Gorgeous monkey and pin cushion, but how could you possibly stab that adorable little monkey face with pins, it would be tooooo cruel! LOL :-)


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