Saturday, 20 June 2009

More progress...

Thanks for all the good luck messages for tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it :D I thought I'd get back to normal posting today and show you what progress we've made on the studio/sewing room.

All the lighting is now wired in and with the skylight leaves me with lots of light for sewing.

Even the little itty bitty radiator is all plumbed in and working, so it will be lovely and snug in the winter.

Next step is to finish plaining and sanding the beams which are a lovely black colour from the old coal fires that used to be in the house. They've started to come up really nice so I think they'll just need a little coat of laquer.
I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how the race went. xx


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Hopefully you're tucked up in bed by now as you'll need a good night's sleep! Let us know how it goes x

  2. Your room is looking great :-)
    I got my purse yesterday and I love it, thank you for my extra pressie too!!!
    GOOD LUCK on your run, I'll be thinking of you xxx


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