Sunday, 28 June 2009

Paris - part 2

....even though I had visited some beautiful sights in Paris the Louvre has to be my all time favourite. Ever since I was little I had wanted to visit it......and finally I got to do it.

It was a perfect day, blistering sun and a clear blue sky. Of course there was no 'what shall we see first?' or 'lets work our way through this part first', I was straight in there with 'I want to see the Mona Lisa!!!!!' And so we did!!!

Not a great photo, as it was mounted on a wall in the middle of the room, with thick glass in front of it, a huge wooden frame around that, then a barrier, then a roped off section then about 50 people all with flashing cameras squeezing in to get a glimpse.

After a lot of walking round (which I must say I was in agony any way as I was sporting a humongous blister on my right heel which was painful to walk on) we came outside to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the sunshine. Outside the Louvre is of course the 2 glass pyramids and quite a few water pools (obviously for ornamental reason) in which everyone was dipping their feet into. It looked like bliss as it was so warm and my feet were throbbing slightly.

So I joined them too and had a bit of a splash in the water!! Aaahhhhhhhhh!!! Lovely and cool.
Interesting fact: They say it would take 3 months of days and nights in the Louvre to see every piece of art but you could only afford to look at each piece for 3 seconds to manage it!!!!!

On the last day we took a stroll down the very populated 'sex shop' road that leads down to the Moulin Rouge. You cant really get a feel of it during the day but still worth a quick photo. One thing I would like to do next time in Paris is to go and see a show.......I've heard the 'Crazy Horse' is a good place to see a show but a bit 'riskay' if you know what I mean.'re in Paris!!!

It was off on the tube, which I have to say I'm very impressed by, to Sacre Coeur. Such a beautiful church perched on the side of the hill. Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

And what an amazing view from the front steps of the church.

Just before we were due to go back to the hotel and pick our bags up to head off to Gare Du Nord, we took the tube up to La Defense. Which is part of the 'new city' this is where all the new high rise buildings are. And this is the new arc they built to mimic the Arc De Triomphe which if you stand right in the middle of this arc and look straight forward you can see it.

OK that's the end of my photos (well not really as I said there were over 160 of the blighters) and I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my mini break. I hope to travel back to Paris again soon. Its such a lovely city and with the Eurostar now running so frequent it would be silly not too.
Vive la France!! :)


  1. Thank you for sharing these photos. I would love to go back there one day! Oh a girl can dream...! x

  2. awww I went there for a month this time last year - this has brought back so many memories!!!

    and can I say one thing? Compeed. for the feet. discovered them in paris for same reasons. They are amazing!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Going inside the Louvre is the one thing in Paris I haven't managed to see yet...

  4. Are you sure that you were not on my coach in Paris? Went to the same places as us. I even have a very similar Moulin Rouge pic. Spooky.


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