Monday, 24 January 2011

2 offs

My first 'off' would be that I am not feeling myself at the mo....if fact I've felt like this for about 2 weeks. I seem to have lost my 'sync'....whats that? My synchronisation with everything....from getting my mind straight to concentrate on work (day job and bagladee), home stuff, personal stuff and just generally me.

I'm not in the least bit worried about it, every now and then I have a 'blip' where there is no point planning anything out because it just wont get done and usually I know when I am out of my 'funk' and ready to get back to it.

My second 'off' would be this gorgeous full length apron (which was sat in the 'make me' pile along with the Christmas aprons. I love this print I'm just so sad that I didn't buy more of this when it was on sale at IKEA :( the kitchy alpine print is sooooo cute, my favourite part of the design are the mountain goats locking horns at the top. Its an 'off' because there is only 1. If you are interested in this apron then please feel free to drop me a line ( it is £10.00 plus £1 for delivery.

I did also manage to ssqquuuueeeezzeee a half apron out of the remainder of the fabric, all of my aprons have 2 generous pockets and the ties are pretty pink to match the trim on the pockets. Again if you are interested in this one then please drop me a line ( it is the same as the Christmas themed ones £7.50 plus £1 for delivery. I think I might have a tinker with the pattern for these, see what I can come up with.

Today I have felt a little bit better as I have been working on some new patterns for new bags......this bit is always exciting! I'm not that great at maths but the great thing with fabric is that if it doesn't work you can always unpick it and start again :D

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