Monday, 3 January 2011

See you next Christmas :(

I'm going to miss making these little fella's :( just as well I have got something else planned in place hey?
This photo was a late order placed a couple of days before Christmas and they went on their travels this week. Today I have written my first To Do list of 2011. And my is it a long list!!!

Lots of new projects, tutorials and events to prepare for. I'm looking forward to tackling the list this year. And it all starts tomorrow :D


  1. I love love love those. Were they hard to make?

  2. Beautiful, Dees. I want to make to me, next Christmas.

  3. :-( Bye little ginger bread men, see you again in 11+ months.

  4. I love these little chaps! If you ever fancy doing a guest tutorial with felt then give me a shout - your stuff is amazing! love Annie xx


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