Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hello 2011

What have you got in store for me this year??? Whatever it may be I'm ready for it. Christmas was a quiet one and New Year was a small event but very lovely all the same. Both me and C were spoilt rotten receiving some lovely gifts.

C gave me this awesome tray for my hand sewing projects, I did have one which sat on my lap but this meant that Nell (my cat) couldn't sit on my knee and when I moved, the thread and beads rolled around all over the place....well No more!! :D This tray is perfect.

C's parents bought me new fabric scissors and a couple of stitch rippers :) and I received a gorgeous hand made Mug Rug from Rachel and a very cute pocket mirror from Sarah with my initial in blue felt.....gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Thank you so much ladies.

My Mam and Ian bought me some embroidery threads on some very interesting bobbins which look far too pretty to unravel.....and I was very lucky indeed to get a Nikon D500 from my Dad. I cant wait to take some new product shots with it. Just need a bit of practice now! Best get the battery charged.


  1. Best Wishes for 2011. Derek arrived safe and sound and will be staying with me for a little while on account of 1) he is just too cute to let go of right away and 2) he needs to learn a little french before I send him on his way...he is taking to it well though

  2. Not sure why it says "me"...oh I think I might have corrected it?? Too much fiddling in my efforts to update my blog for the new year!

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR EMMA! lucky you you got some nice xmas goodies you must have been a good girl! all the best for 2011...jackanne x


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