Thursday, 6 January 2011

Spring cleaning even though its not Spring

Well it just had to be done didn't it? I had a studio which was in a post Christmas state so I decided I would spend an hour or two yesterday getting it straight. I started by taking down the decorations I had up there, then tried to make some sense of all the things piled up on my desk.

Once this was out of the way I rearranged the contents of my cupboards and since Chris added an extra shelf under my desk the week I was ill pre Christmas I thought I'd have a move around.

Now all my supplies (felt, finding etc) are all stacked neatly under the desk, my new camera has a home, all my packing supplies are stored in one cupboard and all my other least used stuff is in another cupboard. Just need to sort my fabric pile (I love that job) and have a quick vacuum and dust.

I had a load of old stock of which some is no longer listed in any of my shops so I've packed it into a bag and will photograph it at the weekend and have a new year giveaway. I'm also going to have a sale on my felt cushions, I have new designs planned and the ones in stock need new homes as they are taking up valuable space in the studio. Needs must an all!! Nothing like a good clear out to start the year.


  1. I, too, cleaned out and reorganized my craft space last week! I love a fresh start for the new year:)

  2. I did the same before christmas, it feels like it needs doing again already though!
    : )


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