Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Is it what you've been waiting for? Giveaway Draw

Ooooh how exciting!!! Time to draw the winners of my giveaway. Good luck everyone :) I went for the not very 'tech' names in a hat (well a box to be totally honest) wrote all the names out on scrap paper (including the extra entries for the extra blogging, tweeting etc....thank you) folded them up tightly and then asked C if he would be so kind to pick out 8 winners.

And the winners are:
Prize 1: Palm Shopper, pouch and brooch : Ruthie
Prize 2: Swirl Shopper, pouch and brooch : Fairly Girly
Prize 3: Dottie Brush Roll and brooch : Wendy
Prize 4: Nina Brush Roll and brooch : Mad about bags
Prize 5: Flamingo pouch and brooch : Magic making hands
Prize 6: Fungi pouch and brooch : Dania
Prize 7: Oriental purse and brooch : Kittens lost her mittens
Prize 8: Cupcake purse : Smilernpb
Congratulations to all the winners!! :D
Please could all the winners email their postal address to emma@bagladee.com and I will aim to get all your prizes out to you this week.
Thank you to all of you who entered, don't be sad if you didn't win, watch out for some more goodies coming soon!


  1. Wow, I'm so excited. Thank you x

  2. In other opportunity, I win, Emma.

  3. Hi Emma, I have tagged you...

  4. Oh Emma, what a lovely surprise. I have been ill most of the week and haven't been reading blogs, so this has certainly cheered me up! Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway. Lorraine x

  5. ooooh, i won i won, what a lovely surprise i shall pop my address into an email now
    thanks emma and well done to all you winners!!!


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