Thursday, 20 January 2011

I wasn't kidding when.....

.........I said you would laugh when I told you what I was doing the first week of January. I was making Christmas aprons!!! No I am not completely bonkers or very organised for making them for next year, these half aprons were cut out October 2009!!! I know how shameful. They were supposed to be all sewn together for the Christmas Craft fair that I attended at Rufford Country Park.

Alas time ran away from me and they never got finished....nor for this Christmas just gone, plain and simple because I forgot they were tucked away in a cupboard waiting to be sewn together :( How sad.

They are all sewn together and waiting to be worn, now I'm not going to do a crazy thing and go listing Christmas items in any of my shops just yet, but if anyone were interested in buying these beauties then please feel free to drop me a line ( they are £7.50 plus £1 for delivery.

Something wedding themed for tomorrow :) (not my wedding though).


  1. fantastic! Domestic goddess wear!

  2. Lovely. Are you going to start offering full length (non christmas) ones in your shop? Please!!!! :-)

    Ruthie x

  3. Very pretty Emma! I like thefabric that you used
    : )


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