Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gifts revealed - part 1

Now that my friend Andrea has her Christmas gift I made her I can now show it off with pride. A new media for me......leather, I've never made anything out of leather up until now, not sure why? Maybe I was a little scared of it to be honest, I have no idea what I was worried about as this iPhone cover turned out great.

I always have an air of panic when I'm working on something new thinking that its going to turn out rubbish. But I have learnt now to reserved judgement on a new project until its completely finished.

I was given a whole bag of A5'ish leather samples a little while back and its took me until December to figure out just what I was going to make with them. These are Andrea's favourite colours and thankfully she loved it :D I was so surprised at how nice it is to sew with, there was something really satisfying using my new leather needles on my machine. Keeping the seams together was a little tricky but using masking tape to hold them together made it easier.

Top Tip: I used double sided sticky tape for holding the letters in place while I sewed!!

I am now tinkering with little leather purses, I'll post photos when they are done.


  1. It is gorgeous! How brave are you to work with leather! I would be daunted. Pink is my favourite colour - I have been gazing lovingly at pink leather filofaxes!!

  2. That looks fantastic Emma. I am only just learning to sew and so dress lining fabric gives me a fit of the vapours!

    I can't wait to see the purses x


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