Friday, 14 January 2011

Do you eBay?

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Even though I have been registered on eBay for many years I think in total I've only sold about 3 items (non bagladee related) the most hilarious item being a bean bag sofa that I had made that was the same size as a double bed!!!!

I know a lot of people do it but I had never thought about selling clothes on there. Recently I had a big clear out, 1. because space was getting a bit tight and 2. because there were things in my wardrobe that had not even had the tags snipped off. Most of the worn items I had went into bin bags and then off to the charity shops, but the new with tags or new without tags I decided to list on eBay.

I took advantage of the 2 day free listing on the 8th & 9th Jan and listed 6 items. 3 sold and 3 I have re listed as people were watching them. I have to say I am a little overwhelmed by it (I know strange as it sounds) as now I have funds (it maybe only a little) in my Pay pal account to buy YUMMY CRAFTY SUPPLIES!!!!!!! Now that's a result!!

And since I am part time in the day job, the extra cash has been something of a little blessing. All hail to the wonder that is eBay, I shall visit you again when I can bring myself to part with more items from my wardrobe. Thinking it might be shoes next!?!?!

Sssshhhh! Dont tell anyone but its my birthday tomorrow ;)


  1. Hi Emma
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of treats and fun times :-)
    Well done on your ebay sales. I've sold a fair number of items there - though it does seem to be hit and miss as to what sells and what doesn't! I like how they've made listing much easier though.
    Have a fabby birthday!
    D x

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! have a wonderful day!

    I love ebay and sell all of my buying mistakes on there! Also sll my supplies on there - love it!!

  3. I forever have stuff listed on ebay and find it a great way to buy bits and bobs that I need without breaking into my 'real' cash as most places now accept Paypal (Boots, Topshop and other Arcadia brands etc) x

  4. We used to do ebay quite a bit....but then it all got a bit too much with Paypal fees and ebay fees and so on. So we gave up. I guess there is money to be made on there, though. Enjoy spending your money! xx

  5. Happy Birthday Emma! Hope you have a lovely Birthday weekend and all the best for 2011! xo

  6. oooh I love ebay for buying craft stuff and sell on it every now and again too. Happy birthday for tomorrow, I won't tell anyone :-) x


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