Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fantastic Mr.Fox

One of my aims for 2011 is to use up some of the felt stash that I've been (hoarding) keeping safe for quite sometime. And since I had such fun making Christmas decorations I've stuck along the same lines......

May I introduce Fantastic Mr.Fox :D he is very soft and as you can see.....

Has a lovely bushy tail round back!

He is listed in my Etsy and folksy shops and will be joined by some friends very soon.
I am slightly distracted by the noise of Chris doing DIY downstairs, drilling through a door. Long story will save that for another day. So I'm off to shut myself away in the studio to see if I can get some peace!


  1. Oh he is adorable. BTW Derek will be travelling to France around the middle of Feb. His French has come on really well and he is looking forward to his new venture.

  2. Oh, Em, he's gorgeous! You've got his face just right! PS. Fantastic Mr Fox was Will's favourite book when he was younger :)
    R xx

  3. he is lovely! I too am trying to de-stash some of my felt (so I have an excuse to order more lol)

  4. Very clever of you. Envite you to leave a comment on my last gem!!!


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