Wednesday, 1 July 2009

OMG IS THAT IT???!!!!!

Be prepared for a bit of a rant.......for those of you that read this post here you will know how upset and angry I was that the special bag I made never reached its destination thanks to a very light fingered person.

After calming down only slightly I downloaded the compensation form and sat for a good 40 minutes filling at all out explaining exactly what was in the package and the costings for how much the materials etc were. Included the receipt from the post office from when it was posted and waited patiently for a response.

I came home from work this afternoon expecting to see this months copy of Sew Hip in the post box (boo it wasn't) to find a Royal Mail envelope. On opening it I realise that it was the response to the claim form.

Dear Miss ******,

Blah, blah, investigations have confirmed that we did not deliver this item, and apologise for that. As a result, I have taken the following action:

*logged an reported the full details of your complaint
*passed these details on to my colleagues in our delivery operation

In light of the service you have used and the evidence provided. I'm afraid the compensation in this instance is limited to a refund of the postage paid or 6 first class stamps!!!!!!!, which ever is greater. If you wish to claim for the value of lost items in the future, we will require additional evidence such as the certificate of posting and proof of the items value.

Blah, blah, blah apologies again!!!!!

FIRSTLY!!!! 6 CLASS STAMPS are they taking the *iss

SECONDLY!!! "If you wish to claim for the value of lost items in the future" WHAT!!! As if I'm planning to have my item of post purposely stolen again.....there's some confidence to instill in your customers!!

THIRDLY!!!! We will require additional evidence such as the certificate of posting?????? Isn't that what the bloody receipt is, proof that you have actually posted the blooming item at their post office???? Or did I just knock that up on my computer the night before????????

I am soooooo livid!!!! Its almost like they just couldn't give a this just a generic letter that they send out to everyone and pop in a few stamps in the hope that they'll be satisfied with the gesture? Where is the reassurance that your items are safe with the post office and that if they do go "MISSING" that they are actually going to reimburse you for your loss? No one told me at the time of posting that if I wanted to make a claim I would need a bloody posting certificate.....I thought the whole point of paying for signed for was that you could track and trace your item to its destination and claim if need be????

Its bad enough that this was a gift for someone, if it had been an actual order I would have seriously been out of pocket.....where in all this does it protect the consumer "me" against theft??

My advice is don't bother paying for signed for its a waste of time and if you can help it chose a different postal service other than Royal Mail!!!!!!If anyone knows of any alternatives like a service that picks up from your home etc please let me know. Other than that take the risk and just send it 1st fact that's probably safer as the "thief" will think that its not worth anything because you didn't pay extra postage.

And breathe and relax.............................................................................................rant over!

Sorry peeps but I just had to share that with you.


  1. In my experience Royal mail is the WORST 10 years of ebay and now etsy, about 1 in 5 items shipped to or purchased in the UK never arrived (I am in Belgium). And they have NEVER ever (even when packages were insured and registered) paid any compensation.

  2. Oh my.

    Is there no way that you can appeal the decision?

    Surely the posting certificate (assuming you went to post office and had it weighed and sent) is your proof of posting??

    For heavier parcels I always use a website, I think it is parcel 2 go or something like costs just under £10 for next day delivery (but you can get cheaper options). We use it for sending parcels of xmas presents to family and stuff. Had no problems with them in over three years of using them, they collect from you, and deliver next day.

    Oh honey, take care. And breeeeeathe xx

  3. It's good to share and rant, otherwise you'd explode. No one would be suprised if you did. The till reciept is proof of posting and they should have bunged the name, house number and postcode on the reciept too. Some post offices are as bad as the royal mail for not doing their job properly.

    I am still so sorry.
    Big hugs xxx

  4. Oh, how frustrating! I have to admit that I've never had anything go missing, but in my post office they always tell me that you're automatically insured for items up to about £35 I think it is - presumably higher than that and you would have to pay extra to insure it. And I do usually ask for the proof of posting certificate as it is free - they actually write the address the parcel is going to on it, whereas an ordinary receipt could have been for anything/anywhere. I know this isn't very helpful to you now, but it does sound like your post office may have been a bit negligent in not telling you about this stuff when you posted the bag.
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow
    Rachel xx

  5. OMG I would be livid in your shoes too, sounds like the staff at you local post office need a good kick up the .... too!

    now, take a deep breath and have a cuppa a tea - or a glass of wine and put it down to experience, some things we just have to learn the hard way and thank you or sharing your experiences, I have warned my mom about sending stuff signed for.

  6. Is there someone you can call and complain to? Because I think that's wrong.

  7. How dreadful. I have found it standard practice by other companies to refuse compensation on a first attempt, but to provide it on a second, so why not write again and say not happy with the outcome and you now wish to make a formal complaint? (this worked for me with a ferry company, whose pathetic 5% off voucher - like I'd ever book their accommodation again - turned into a cheque for £90 on the second approach). BTW I'm not sure Sew Hip is out this month. There are only 10 issues p.a and on the back of issue 8 it says next issue due out end July. :-(

  8. Thats dreadful, in my post office they quite often don't have any certificates of posting and just write on the receipt, like you I thought that would be enough!
    : )

  9. My nephew - rather Royal Mail - lost his passport and 2 tickets to watch England play at Wembley last year. Boo hiss to them!


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