Thursday, 30 July 2009

As good as new

I thought I'd just quickly stop by and show you who's just had a well deserved clean all ready for her photo shoot debut tomorrow. Bless, I adore my sewing machine. She is so clever, this side she's a sewing machine, switch the little handle (at the bottom front) to the right and she spins round to become an over locker!! She was a gift from a family friend and I am so grateful. My little sewing machine is the whole reason I started bagladee, so it is only fitting that she will be with me tomorrow at the next stage of bagladee- an author!! He he, it still sounds ridiculous when I say it :D


  1. I'm still here! :o(

    Got the Sew Hip magazine today, and I LOVE the pattern....just need to finally get around to buying a sewing machine and then I am going to start machine sewing all sorts of lovlies....I can't wait.

    Oh yes...have to *give birth* first - at some point, I suppose.

    Anyway, just wanted to wish you lots of luck for tomorrow. xx

  2. Good luck for tomorrow, hun! I will have to get Sew Hip!!

    Sharon xxx

  3. good luck for tomorrow! I hope all goes smoothly and that you have a wonderful day
    : )

  4. LOTS of good luck for tomorrow matey I will be in touch afterwards to see how it went...after my shopping trip!!:-) Then we can have a good natter about it over a bottle of wine and some lovely food on Sat...looking forward to it matey....CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE MY PRESSIE!!!! :-) xx

  5. Where can I buy Sew Hip???

    MY local Borders don't stock it - would WHSmiths be any good???

  6. i am SO enjoying following you on your road to famous-ness :-)
    Good luck with the next step ...

  7. I am really pleased for you with the book etc. I am off to a fabric shop in a mo and i am going to see if I can find something that will do your bag some justice. You have reminded me that I should give my machine a bit of a clean too.

  8. Really??? You flip a switch and it becomes an overlock?!? Never heard of that! What kind is it, where can I get one?!? LOL


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