Friday, 3 July 2009

My little ginger man has been in the wars!

I've just managed to sit down with a cup of tea and catch the start of the Murray V Roddick semi final. Late last night and this morning was a little traumatic for my little ginger man. We brought him in last night just as we were going up to bed, I picked him up as I usually do and carried him up the stairs. When he looked at me I gasped in horror as his nose was slashed open right between his nostrils, I'm presuming that he has been caught by another cat??? I cant think of how else it would've happened? We cleaned him up and wrapped him in a blanket and kept him on the bed where we could keep an eye on him.

I barely slept a wink every time he moved or whimpered I was awake making sure he was OK. When I woke to my alarm going off he was rubbing his head against me and purring so I felt a little better. Chris called the vets when they opened and he took him to be looked at. They decided that it needed to be stitched back together and that he would have to be sedated. So Chris left him and asked them to contact me when he was out of surgery.

I picked him up about an hour ago and the vet did an amazing job, apart from his 3 little stitches it looks as good as new. He looked very spaced out when I took the carry box from the vet. I paid (thank god he's insured!!) and took him to the car. When I got him back home and opened the box he was very wobbly legged and not really with it. After a little wander he went to the bottom of the stairs and looked up so I carried him up the stairs and put him on our bed....and he's still sleeping there now. With his little lampshade on :) bless him!!

We'll spoil him later with some fresh rotisserie chicken.


  1. Poor puss! at least he's on the mend now!!

    Sharon x

  2. Plenty of TLC I'm sure you and Chris wil give him plenty and a bid hug from his nani x

  3. poor little thing, hopefully he will be as right as rain soon.

    Th fabric for my kirt was from a shop in london called fabric galore, it was the last piece which is why it was even cheaper than it should have been
    : )

  4. poor kitty :(
    he sounds like he needs a good old spoiling. xx


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