Sunday, 12 July 2009

Earth needs our help!!!

If you are a reader in the UK did you see Dame Vivienne Westwood on Johnathan Ross on Friday night?

Vivienne is definitely one of my favourite 'designers' and has always been an inspiration to me throughout my time at college and University. I love the creativity and 'no holds barred' to her early times for being very controversial and others for just being 'Out there!'.

In her new manifesto she encourages people to stop spending money on all these clothes to 'look like everyone else' and start saving your money, give new life to old clothes....ironic I know coming from a fashion designer who has built her life and career on people buying her products.

What amazes me is her passion for getting the message across that the world needs our help and that if we don't do something soon then its going to start a fast chain reaction and our world will be past the point of it being 'fixable'. The more I think about what she said the more saddened and scared I feel. We're all guilty of contributing to if it is as bad as this then why isn't the government stepping in and passing a bill??? Even if only half the worlds countries got involved surely that would make a difference?? I know that we are a consumer world but I just think that we are too obsessed with money and its become more important than the planet we live on.

I know a lot of people will criticise Vivienne for being a little hypocritical, the fact that her business is built on consumerism and that she jets off on aeroplanes to different cities on a weekly basis....but you have to give her credit for caring, that's got to be the starting point right?

I want to live in a world where I know that my future generations aren't going to suffer from climate change....and that we wont have to witness the extinction of the rain forests or polar bears. A bit heavy for a Sunday I know, but if this was something that the government took control of we could all change the way we live....stop being so obsessed with what we've got and focus on quality of life and the life on earth.

She made me think about if she made 1 person in every household also think about it then that's a pretty commendable accomplishment on her part.


  1. i agree, not only is re-purposing old clothes better for the environment but its also fun. at StuffedNonsense we try to, where we can, use recycled fabrics. a tiny drop in the ocean...but a drop nonetheless

  2. Interesting post. Vivienne Westwood is an artist though and I don't think particularly complicit in the mess of mass consumerism. She is only inspiring others to do what she has always done. The problem with governments isn't so much consumerism but capitalism. They could do much more to 'help' but money and profit screams the loudest.

  3. Wow, what a great post. She is the ultimate DIYer :D

  4. A very thought provoking post. I've always been interested in green issues and I hate the consumerism of modern society but I am by no means perfect - I try and do my bit but I still like to have nice things - it's hard to strike a balance! I do think that the governments could be doing an awful lot more to change things though. Hopefully, Vivienne will have inspired more people into doing their little bit.

  5. Wow Em that really gives some food for thought!! I totally agree as you are aware I have a passion for reusing vintage beads etc in my jewellery projects and find them sooo much more interesting than new, mass manufactured items! I am totally ready to jump on the money saving band wagon and help save the planet!! xx

  6. I watched this interview and I used Vivienne as inspiration whilst is was doing my degree. The fact that I was never fully sure if a 'got' what she was doi8ng made her all the more fascinating.

  7. Sorry, it is my typing that is poor, not my spelling, honest!


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