Thursday, 9 July 2009

I crafted....I did!!!

I made these little felt purses the lovely sunny day I took off work a few weeks ago but only just had time to adjust the photos and even managed to list two of them in my etsy shop!

This one is listed here

Each little purse has a double layer and a co-ordinating applique flower
(available here)

and in the centre a sparkly little fav!!
(available here)

The first photo's I took of this black and white purse needed retaking so I've updated them in my etsy shop here
I want to ask you all a little friend has just started her own blog and etsy shop and has had some devastating news this week and I think it would be lovely if when she returns to her blogging she had some followers. Please pop by here and take a look. Thank you :) x
Off to see Transformers at the cinema now....see you tomorrow.


  1. hope you enjoy transformers, I haven't seen it but it's supposed to be good. I love your new purses, lovely colour combinations!
    : )

  2. Great job! Those are all so cute!

    BTW Oliver is adorable, though he looks none to happy in that cone contraption! :)

  3. those are darling! turned out so cute! i bet they sell fast!

  4. Those coin purses are adorable! I left a comment for your friend too.

  5. Those are so cute! It is really cool that you have made them in different colours. They can suit any occasion!


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