Sunday, 5 July 2009

Just a quick one...

Finally I've managed to grab a shower and sit down.....this weekend has been a trying one. What with having a VERY frustrated kitty that is desperate to go out but is not allowed. I cant say that I've slept much in the last 72 hours which has left me feeling exhausted. Oliver has not coped well at all....from being a 'most of the day' out doors cat to being cooped up for the last 3 days, has not gone down well at all. I'm sure he thinks 'there's nothing wrong with me let me go out' and doesn't understand that his nose needs to heal before he can go wandering again.

I feel so guilty every time he does his little meowe. Hopefully when he has his check up tomorrow things will be better. Not really much time for crafting this weekend, although I did do a little hand sewing and went out for a couple of hours today. I will post about them tomorrow. So sleepy....I'm off to bed in a bit.

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