Monday, 13 July 2009

Comfy cushion for a lovely crafty space

Following on from the progress in this post I finally got my little project finished this weekend.

Flowers and petals were sewn to the cushion piece.

All ready to be sewn together.

And here it is :) rather pleased with my cushion which will sit on the black rocker once the room is finished.

These are 2 other cushions in a similar colour scheme which will be in the room.....somewhere ;)

And with a closer look you can see little diamantes adorning the flowers.

I even added a bagladee tag....just so I know its one of mine ;) ha ha


  1. Really love your felty cushion! The colours are fantastic. Gillian

  2. it's sooper-dooper...I want one for me :-)

  3. it looks great Emma, I like the black accent to match with the black rocker
    : )

  4. I new it would look great matey and the two petals each side look fab!!! ;-)

  5. Just read your comment on my blog!!! I would love to make you a bracelet with two cats on!! :-) The little hamster is cute isn't it??? I love it!! Its solid silver too so it should stay lovely forever xx

  6. thats looks great, the black outline makes the flowers look fab, well done!!

  7. wow, it looks fab, the black really makes the flowers pop.

  8. Great posting. Yummy colors and fun to see the process. From heart space at etsy.

  9. This is beautiful - what great work & wonderfully fun colors.

    Found you through Etsy forums. Nice blog you have here!

  10. love this cushion and the tag adds professional touch !
    there's a competition running over at for all crafters if you are interested !
    plus much more x


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