Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Updates of the crafty kind

Along side completing my cushion for the sewing room/studio I've been busy beavering away, which has left me being unable to switch off even when its 2am and I'm needing sleep for work the next day. I just cant help it, when there are things to be done, I do them, regardless. Which is part of the reason I have booked Friday and Monday off work. There are many things that need finishing off and the amount of normal hours in a day that allow me to craft just aren't enough.

On more of a leisurely pace I have been tinkering away with my website, I call it a work in progress because I think its always going to be changing, plus it would be boring if it just looked the same all the time. I've changed most of the text and have moved and deleted some of the pages in the hope of it flowing better. Next on my list is to change the images.....

As I am planning on listing a new range of items I have reduced all of the pouches and fabric purses, having a bit of a clear out :) also as an extra special offer for readers of my blog, if you quote: NEMO you can have an extra 10% off or if you buy a felt brooch you can choose another one absolutely free.

Keep an eye out over the next week as there will be some MAJOR reductions on some of the bags too!!!!

I know I haven't mentioned the book for a while, but that's simply because I've been writing the step by step instructions as we are doing the photo shoot on 31st July :o/ nervous is not the word. Its OK when I'm sitting in the spare room sewing away but actually having someone standing over you saying "OK, stop just there, that will be a great shot" is a little daunting.
Its all starting to feel a little bit real now, to the point that when I think about it I get butterflies in my stomach!!! Also in the pipeline for those who buy Sew Hip Magazine there should be a little gem of mine in next months issue which is due out 29th July.


  1. wow lots of exciting things going on!
    : )

  2. Hi Em! Thans for your comment on my blog!! I don't know how Fidgerella got out but I will be keeping 'my beady eye' on her!! :-) Your photo shoot is the 31st now then?? i am off work that day too going birthday shopping with my Mum and Sister, then on the sat 1st you can tell me all about your photo shoot on our pamper day!! How exiting....I am going to check out all the 2 for 1 offers at Thoresby now so I will email you tomorrow!! xx

  3. Just realised how many spelling mistakes I just made in my comment....I really need to remember to preview...or just learn how not to have sausage fingers when I type!! :-)

  4. Ooo How exciting, I shall look out for that Sew hip! Kim

  5. im so happy that it is working out for you!! im really annoyed because i think the w h smiths in cheltenham has stopped stocking sew hip now!! i havn't been able to get my hands the most recent issue!!!


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