Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Today there has been....

....sleeping through my alarm til 8:10am yikes, the craziness of trying to get ready, a horrendous day at work, staying til 6 to catch up, Tesco's to pick some bits up, a cup of tea and a biscuit (alright, it was 2), cutting pieces for the photo shoot, ironing on interfacing, stuffing a cushion (photo's soon), cleaning the kitchen, tidying, then the mahoosive task of tackling my ironing......12:15am I am done!!! Phew!! Time for sleep :) nite xxx


  1. wow! I thought my day was busy.... 12 hours straight of facilitating therapy groups.

  2. I hope you get up on time today!

  3. Busy day....quite a contrast to mine.....of just WAITING!! Eeek. xx

  4. woah! very busy day! MAke sure you get a few more tea breaks today! xx

  5. busy busy! Hope you had a good nights sleep after all that!
    : )


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