Monday, 6 July 2009

Cats, cushions, shops and chairs!

The only thing crafty wise that happened this weekend was that I finished sewing together the flowers and petals for my cushion from this post. I'm quite pleased at how they turned out considering this was one those moments where I thought hmmmm I wonder what this would look like? Well now I know :D

I also managed to get the pieces cut out for the front and back so I'm hoping to get these sewn together sometime this week so that I can show you my finished cushion.

We decided to go out yesterday morning for a few hours, mainly to let Oliver settle down and get some rest but also to give us a rest from a very stressed out, angry kitty. So we got up early and headed off to B&Q, finally decided on which tiles we want for our bathroom and extension!! Its only took us 2 years to find some!! Bought a few bits and bobs for the bathroom (accessory stuff) and a palm sander for finishing off the beams in my lovely crafty space :)

Then we ventured off to Dwell to look at the chair and rocker that I would like for the loft too, had a sit in them and decided they were a big thumbs up. We made a quick stop off to Tesco where we bought some cakes to eat on the way then drove out to this was great!! I bought the little black table (in this post) and lots of super duper storage boxes to go inside the cupboards that Chris has built. I am one of those sad people who will revel in organising everything into place, I was even thinking of taking a couple of days off work to really get into it!! Ha ha. I also bought some more of the little spice jars that are fab for storing buttons etc and I got these very cool metal stands that will be perfect for displaying my bags at craft fairs.

We then headed back to get all the last bits out of the loft and swept the floors ready for the plasterer to come and give us a quote. By this point Oli was back to climbing the walls.

Before I wrote this post tonight I took these photos, I just had to show you how hacked off he is at having to stay in. And after his check up today, the bad news is that he has to stay in until Friday and also keep the lampshade on until then. I think I am going to need some ear plugs!!! He is not going to be a happy kitty at all.

Sitting staring out of the window in hope, bless him!!

Not sure if you can see it, this was as close as I could get without it getting blurry. He has a horizontal cut straight across the middle of his nose and three VERY neat stitches holding his little nose together. Awwwwww he's such a little sweety.


  1. Oh dear. Not a happy cat. But he is lovely.

  2. well you know he is going to be like every other bloke with a scar now...he will have some OTT story to go with it and will be out to impress all the kitties on the block!
    AND I LOVE the Ikea table too, I would be sorely tempted to give it wings though :o)

  3. We spent some of our weekend in B&Q too! SOunds like you did lots of fun shopping too. Poor pussy cat, he really does look fed up!
    : )


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