Sunday, 19 July 2009

From fuzzy to felty

Feeling slightly less fuzzy headed today and a little bit more energetic I thought I'd pop in a quick post. About a couple of weeks ago I bought these two books from amazon. Not really to make any softies but to get a little bit of inspiration. I love to read craft books and see other peoples techniques, it gives me fuel for thinking up new ideas. These books particularly caught my eye so I thought why not, could do with some new ideas.

Also today I managed to do a little more on the birthday gift, but this is all you're getting until the birthday girl has received it (yes its you Andrea) :)

Lastly, I've just embarked on a collaboration project with my bloggy friend Rachel, which is both scary and exciting all at once :) I cant really say anything about it yet but all will reveal by us both soon!!!
P.S Domino's was amazing!! ;)


  1. what is it?????!!!!! it looks fuzzy like felt and I love the colours!!!!

    Oooooh I cant wait to find out!!!

    See you soon matey :-) xx

  2. fun post! love the books, they look chock full of inspiration~


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