Saturday, 18 July 2009

A bit of a wash out....

I haven't felt too clever today, which has made my well planned Saturday a bit of a wash out. There was supposed to be a lot of writing, a bit of crafting, some sanding, some list writing, some blog making and well not a lot was accomplished :(

The reason why? Most probably due to the fact I was woken up AGAIN (4am) by people who don't know how to be considerate to other people who live in their street. I suffer from migraines and today was a a mother of one!!! Not like me but I had to stay in bed until 11:30am just so that I could function enough to have a cup of tea.

I did however manage to start a birthday gift (cant say as said birthday girl reads blog) and helped the other half with a bit of sanding at tea time. Starting to feel less fuzzy now were going to have a treat and order Domino's :D that should sort me out.

Tomorrow I plan to fit everything that was on the list today in and more. Maybe I'll have some photos to share.


  1. good luck getting it all done tomorrow... =)

  2. Ooooooh!!!!! Am I the 'said birthday girl????!!!!!'

    Hopefully see you today matey but it sounds like you have lots on too so dont worry if you cant we could have a good catch up next weekend....I totally understand what ploughing through those 'To Do' lists is like and the satisfaction of ticking things off!!! Tick away!! :-) xx

  3. i hope you feel better today and get lots done and get some relaxing in too :-)

  4. Hope that rotten migraine has gone, and the inconsiderate neighbours ahave quietened down too! We all get days like those, & I'm sure things will get better!
    Take care : )

    Sharon xx

  5. oh poor you, I hope your head is all better

  6. Ah poor you :-(. I suffer from migraines too and they are awful. People can be so inconsiderate.

    I hope the Domino helped.

    Clare x


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